Portable Solar Lanterns

We offer quality portable Solar Lanterns to suit various tastes and needs.  View our product list and specifications below;



  • Portable solar LED lighting with an integrated mobile charger from Schneider Electric.
  • Water resistant upto 0.5m depth for 1 hour.
  • USB charging cable with 4 adapters.


Homaya Solar Home System

  • Portable home system solution with the latest battery technology designed to meet all critical energy requirements of a home portable lamp.
  • 3 USB charging ports.
  • 2 fixed lamps and 2 portable lamps.


Philips Life Light Home

  • 2 lamps of 50 lumens each.
  • Upto a maximum of 40 light hours on lowest setting.
  • 3 light settings.
  • USB phone charging port.



Philips Mama Light

  • LED light of 100 lumens.
  • Can be used as a pocket torch.
  • 5 hours of light if 100% charged.